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Achievement Testing for Homeschool Students

The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test is a nationally recognized test used by
educators across the U.S. As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford 10 not only offers
the home educator information on their student's achievement, it also provides
comparisons based on nationwide test results.

Contents of National Achievement Tests:

Grades 1-2: Word study skills, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, math,

Grade 3: Vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, social studies, math,
language, science

Grades 4-12: Vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, social studies, math,
language, science, study skills

At Classical Conversations Testing Services, we believe that standardized testing is
an important part of preparing students for college entrance exams, whether your
state mandates testing or not. We take a very pragmatic attitude towards testing: the
test results are not as important as the skill of test-taking, though achievement tests
do provide parents with reliable data for evaluating progress in language and math

We have chosen to offer the Stanford-10 National Achievement Test because most
private schools accept their scores for entry, and it is great preparation for the SAT I
and the ACT tests in high school.

Please contact your state's homeschool support group to find out if your state
requires national standardized testing, or use the pull-down tab from the menu above.